Friday, April 1, 2011

Prom Dresses Under $100

When I was in high school (many many moons ago), I spent about $300 on my prom dress, only to find myself today asking "why?!". Most girls will wear their prom dress once, and some girls end up going to multiple proms, so why spend all the money on a dress?! I found some super cute prom dresses for under $100 at JCPenney, and showcased the dresses on TWIN CITIES LIVE yesterday! All of these dresses are red carpet inspired, and perfect for a high school prom or dance. A big thank you to my amazing models: my sister Paige and her friends Britta and Heather!

Prom Dresses Under $100 on TWIN CITIES LIVE

Monday, March 14, 2011

Target Brings Back 34 Designer Dresses

You may be seeing a few extra surprises at your local Target store this week! On March 13th, Target brought back more than 30 designer dresses for the five year anniversary of the Go International Program. Seventeen designers including Zac Posen, Jovovich-Hawk, and Thakoon, created 34 dresses that you will now find in Target stores or on I had the opportunity to showcase a few of these looks on TWIN CITIES LIVE today. I am in love with almost every single dress and I have no doubt in my mind that these dresses will sell out quickly! I got to wear a polka dot Jovovich-Hawk dress... now I just need to go out and buy it! Here's a link to the segment:

Monday, March 7, 2011

MN Monthly Food & Wine Experience

On Sunday, my husband, brother, brother's girlfriend and I hit up the MN Monthly Magazine Food & Wine Experience. This is a yearly event that AJ and I both look forward to. The amount and variety of food is unbelievable, and I have to say that I think this year's event was even better than last year!

The only bad thing I have to say about the event, was the LONG and COLD line we had to wait in to get inside the event. Last year the event was held at the Convention Center and this year it was held at Target Field. We showed up right at 1pm (when the event started) and we had to wait is a super long line, part of which was in an open skyway. We left our coats in the car so we were FREEZING! But, once we got inside, the cold and the wait were totally worth it.

The lines of food, wine and beer vendors are endless. This year, it took us 3 hours to get through the entire experience. There was fish, prime rib, cookies, brie curds, candies, frozen wine, cake, and my favorite... sushi! Even though I'm pregnant this year, I couldn't pass up the sushi at the Sushi 7 stop. The crunchy roll is my favorite! Poor Holly (my brother's girlfriend) hates fish, so she wasn't too impressed at first. But that all changed when she found the cheese tables:)

The boys of course LOVED the beer and wine vendors, and both boys had their fair share (thank goodness for pregnant sober cabs). Since I'm in my second trimester I had a few sips of AJ's wine AND one of the best things I tried... FROZEN WINE! We bought two kits because it was so good.

Although the tickets to this event are pretty spendy ($75-$80), they are TOTALLY worth it! We weren't even half way through the event and I was stuffed. One thing to remember though... even though this is a wine/beer tasting, a lot of people get pretty "loaded". Be safe and take a cab so you can enjoy yourself! Thanks again MN Monthly Magazine!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Favorites of the Real Housewives

Today on TWIN CITIES LIVE (KSTP), I did a segment on the favorite fashion and beauty products of the Real Housewives! As many of you may know, The Real Housewives of Miami premieres tonight on Bravo, so it was fun taking a look back on some of our favorite housewives from the New York, Orange County, and Beverly Hills series. My favorite product came from one of my least favorite housewives: Jill Zarin. She loves Bootights, which are socks built right into tights! Check them out and other favorites of the Real Housewives in my TCL segment, seen here:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Urban Eatery Opening Party

Last night, AJ, a few friends and I headed to Urban Eatery in Uptown for their grand opening party. Urban Eatery is the site of the restaurant formerly known as "The View" in Calhoun Beach Club. AJ and I had our wedding rehearsal dinner at The View, so it was pretty fun to see how much the restaurant has changed in a matter of months.

The new restaurant has more of a rustic bar feel. The layout of the restaurant is the same, but they put up a lot of weathered wood, chalk boards, and they've completely gotten rid of the Miami bar/club feel. The food was pretty good too. The restaurant is run by the same people that run Crave, so what do you expect?! I will definitely be back for the mozzarella avocado pizza... it's to DIE for!

A big draw to Urban Eatery is their late night menu. From 9pm to close, they have $3, $4 and $5 appetizers and drinks! AJ bought drinks for he and his friends, and we only ended up spending $25! They also have FREE valet. I love the location of this restaurant/bar, and I really hope it becomes a Twin Cities hot spot. You can be sure you'll find us hanging out there this spring and summer!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day Lingerie

I recently did a segment on TWIN CITIES LIVE about lingerie for Valentine's Day. I found options from Twin Cities boutiques and Target! Even my husband, AJ Saigh, got a shout out:) Watch the segment here:

Thank you to Extrados and Unmentionables, Flirt Boutique and Meredith Models and Talent for helping me with this segment!

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Hair Masque That Changed My Life

If you have thick, coarse hair like I do, you've probably tried every hair masque under the sun. I've tried everything from an actual avocado, to hair treatments costing hundreds of dollars (although I will say the Brazilian Blowout is still pretty amazing), but I have yet to find anything that fits my budget and can actual tame my hair. That is, until now!

I recently got my hands on Kim Vo's Moisturizing Masque. It's a "Hydrolyzed Silk Intensive treatment that rejuvenates color-treated hair that is dry, damaged and aging." Whatever, all that matters is... IT WORKS!

I started by leaving the masque on while I soaked in the tub for 20 minutes, and that certainly did the trick. But in the last few weeks, I started leaving the masque on my hair over night and it has literally transformed my hair! I can not tell you how soft, fluffy and voluminous my hair has become, making me actually WANT to wear my hair down and not in a ponytail.

I also come up with another little trick. Since I've become too lazy to wake up early to take a shower in the morning, I've started taking a shower at night. Before I go to bed, I flip my hair over and brush it all into a wet ponytail on top of my head. And yes, I sleep with the ponytail on the top of my head... even though my husband hates it and says I look like a sumo wrestler:) By the time I wake up, my hair is partially dry and the ponytail has created cowlicks all over my hair near my scalp (which, in turn, creates VOLUME). I then, blowout my hair with a large round brush (it only takes me 10 minutes) and... VOILA... my hair is full and it actually looks like I went and got a professional blowout:) This has become my nightly routine.

I really think I'm onto something. Try it out and let me know what you think!